Our Approach

photoThe SCF concept of networking, sharing, community, synergy, making a difference is two-level: Business Development and Personal Development - while similar process-wise, they are different content- and context-wise. Our approach is derived from our values and is encapsulated in our Work Process (click in menu for details).

What we Value

Our values drive our dealings with you, how we develop people and businesses and our key to our success, as your own values are key to your success:

  • Every individual and every team has unfulfilled potential and is capable of achieving more
  • We are passionate about improving peoples’ performance and we love what we do!
  • Change is natural, cyclical and constant – welcome it, manage it and flow with it (“no pain, no gain”)
  • Performance requires attention at four levels: thought, feeling, commitment and spirit
  • Improvement is a continuous process – in quality of life; work; family; relationships
  • Learning from experience - and its companions exploring, experimenting, integrating - are key life skills
  • Beliefs about what is possible are the only limits to improving
  • Clarity of values enhances effectiveness and fulfillment
  • Values are the bedrock to manage the swirl of uncertainty and change
  • Trust is a key component of success – between us and in yourself
  • We maintain strict confidentiality about client matters
  • Success is related to the quality of feedback and openness to it – seek it, receive it, we give it
  • Professionalism makes the difference
  • Personal development is an integral part of team and organisational effectiveness
  • 'Invisibles' (integrity, ethics, culture, emotional maturity) are more impactful than 'visibles'
  • Working together trumps working alone – synergy of teamwork
  • Progress is creative and fun; is breakthrough not incremental
  • Answers are within; we ask questions to guide you to YOUR answers

Values underpin behaviour, ambitions and life models. Our Work Process translates what we value into action.