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We work with you in person, online and by email to develop your business and boost your revenue and profitability, to improve your performance and skills and to realise your potential, in any arena and wherever you are based. Using our global network of Associates,  we can help you in whatever field you seek to improve. We are a one-stop-shop! Whether you are seeking to develop yourself or your business, we will assign an expert in the area you wish to develop. Your coach/mentor will work with you according to the Solution Package you have agreed with him. The essence of meetings between you, whether achieving business or personal goals, will be to review key areas and plan to make a definitive difference.

Classic Membership Benefits:

Classic Membership is where you can meet your fellow-travellers on the road to excellence in a value-for-money combination which complements sessions with your coach with access to our Member Newsletter, a range of online resources and other members.

  • Member newsletter
  • Access Articles
  • Access Members

Premium Membership Benefits:

Our standard Solutions Packages cover single-session Business and Personal Development options. The benefits of Premium Membership are that it combines sessions with your coach at exceptional prices with the opportunity to consult with other experts, to access our full range of resources to reinforce your sessions and to meet your fellow-members.

Our Premium Membership package provides you with a complete solution-in-one at a competitive price. Premium Membership can be for 3, 6 or 12 months, which includes 3, 6 or 12 hours’ Session time (we  refund the 3 or 6 month fee if you upgrade to the 12-month option within 30 days of making your payment.

As Classic membership +

  • Includes 3/6/12 hours of sessions
  • Opportunity to have sessions with more than one expert
  • Access full range of online resources
  • Access Member database
  • Member Group Meetings online and Skype

To enrol for Membership, please refer to the Package Fee details (opens in a .pdf file), select your preferred Classic or Premium option and Join Up.