Our Solutions Packages

  • Business Development
  • 'Under-25 Entrepreneur' - Limited Special Offer
  • Entrepreneur Package
  • Personal Development
  • One-to one meetings with an expert
  • Membership privileges - Classic and Premium
  • Workshops and Webinars
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What are you buying into with SCF Solutions?

Our experience, knowledge and wisdom, our performance improvement expertise and our passion for helping people grow and excel. We love what we do!

We work with you in person and online to:

  • Improve your performance and skills
  • Identify and achieve your potential
  • Develop your business and boost your revenue/profitability

...in ANY arena and wherever you are based. Our team has experts in many countries. We cover everything. We can locate any expertise needed. We are a one-stop-shop! Whether you are seeking to develop yourself or your business, we will assign an expert in the area you wish to develop.

Your expert/coach/mentor will work with you, typically 2-6 hours per month after agreeing a Solutions Package which meets your needs. The essence of meetings between you will be to review key areas and plan to make a definitive $ difference. Depending on the level of expertise and advice sought and the number of sessions, fees range from $100 to $250 per hour.

Whichever Package you select, you have our unconditional guarantee: if you are not satisfied, your next session will be complimentary. Please click on Package Fees on left menu for details of offers and fees.

Business Development

Our mentors have proven business expertise in turning businesses around, making considerable returns for the business they work with and have owned million-dollar businesses, typically selling their companies for more than $50m.
They will guide you and share with you their experience, the secrets of their successes and the mistakes they made on the way, so that you can achieve your plans faster and more cost-effectively, boosting profits within 12 months. They will work with you to make that visible difference to your bottom-line profitability, whether you are a business virgin needing an experienced guiding hand or a seasoned entrepreneur needing specific guidance in key areas.

SCF can also develop your own business/management skills and offer innovative training and development solutions to develop the skills of your people. Not to mention your personal development – life, career, wellbeing.

SCF delivers business development coaching, business consulting, online and face-to-face, for executives and teams as well as, seminars, webinars and presentations.

Personal Development

Our coaches have improved the skills performance of CEOs and executives - personally and in teams - and individuals in work, life and parenting skills.

They will guide you on values, direction, objectives, strategy, personal feedback, innovation, engagement, well-being, career crossroads, wanting 'more from life', finding 'better ways' and ' more meaning', being more positive, energetic and focused, spiritual growth, preparing for a new role, managing your time, finding out what works, stopping doing what does not, stages of development, personality types and styles, performance assessment, cultural orientation, relationships, finances, starting a business of your own, adapting to retirement.


Classic Membership gives you access to a range of resources and groups.

Premium Membership lets you meet your fellow-travellers on the road to excellence and our expert team, and access our full range of resources. It includes bargain 3, 6 or 12 hours’ session time (e.g. 3 months = 3 hours).

If you want to enrol for Membership click here.